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p-eq facilitates peace-positive, transformative investments in frontier markets.

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Our Mission

The risks of investments in complex environments are often overpriced and available developmental subsidies are not accessible. Investors face prohibitive reputational risks engaging with actors in frontier economies. Even when financial returns are possible, peace and sustainable development impact are difficult to achieve.

p-eq structures blended finance vehicles that can help to unlock the business-like approach of private investment and innovation together with public policy objectives and governance oversight in fragile states in pursuit of UN Sustainable Development Goals 16 (“Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”) and 17 (“Revitalized Partnerships”).

p-eq’s unique investment formula combines three key elements to:

1. de-risk investments through local knowledge, networks, public guarantees, tailored regulatory oversight

2. manage reputational risks by applying "Environmental Social Peace Governance (“ESPG”) standards, developed and assessed in a credible manner; achieving a the double-bottom line by ensuring a demonstrable peace impact

3. incentivize and empower local entrepreneurs and workers through tailored local investment vehicles, including cooperative ownership structures, that equitably engage all stakeholders


p-eq advises on several flagship projects of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 — initiatives that are key to accelerating Africa’s economic growth and development as well as securing peace on the continent.

p-eq contributes to the development of Environmental, Social, Peace and Governance Principles to assess whether investments are “peace-positive.” This work is being led by Professor Achim Wennman at the Graduate Institute for Geneva.

p-eq operationalizes the latest thinking on the use of public-private Partnerships to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions. p-eq advisor Dr. Tim Nielander has written extensively on this subject.

p-eq Partners with the Digital Equity Association for ventures in the digital economy.


Amb. Erastus J. O. Mwencha
Ben Kioko
Dr. Tim Nielander


Dr Richard Wilcox
Fatima Kassam
Fatou Diagne

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